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Acrylic Sheets

Cast Acrylic

Cell casting Acrylic Sheets are produced between molding sheets of tempered glass. The basic raw material, Methyl Methacrylate Monomer or simply MMA, together with additives, catalyst and colorants, are mechanically introduced in the glass molds, then is polymerizes at higher pressure and temperatures and converts from the liquid state into a solid sheet, at a variable time table in accordance to the thickness of the sheet produced.
By using 100% virgin raw materials, and protecting the product against UV (ultra violet) via addition of UV stabilizers to it, Bérkel Acrylic Sheets can prove the long duration of its product. Accelerated aging tests, assure its characteristics of not losing light transmittance and not getting a yellow fade, for up to 10 years, even when exposed to the external weather.
After thorough inspection by the quality control, Bérkel Acrylic Sheets get a protective polyethylene layer, in order to avoid damage to the surface that can happen during transportation and handling. Bérkel produces sheets in a great diversity of sizes, colours and thicknesses, and are appropriate to external using design as well as internal, where quality, resistance and durability may be required.
Technical Information - The surface of Acrylic Sheets must be protected by adequate material, such as masking paper or adhesive polyethylene, that are easy to remove, without causing any damage or contamination to the surface. Surface defects – Sheets surface should be smooth, without scratches, marks or any superficial flaws that exceeds 3 mm2 each, at any position on the sheets surface.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded Acrylic Sheets have unique quality and performance, with high optical characteristics, with low level of residual stress and little thickness variation along the sheet. Bérkel distributes with exclusivity into Brazil sheets made by automatized process using raw material of superior quality.
Bérkel extruded acrylic sheets have perfect surface finishing and glow, and high resistance to external weather, thanks to the presence of UV inhibitors on the entire product. It will not yellow, crack or flaw even after long time on external uses, according to the accelerated aging tests run on it.
Extruded sheets are adequate for the most varied projects, especially when thickness precision and finishing quality are most required.

Mirror Acrylic Sheets

Mirrored acrylic sheets are light and resistant, and are adequate for a vast range of application, substituting glass mirrors, especially where breakage is a risk and safety an important issue. Weighting less than half what weights a glass mirror, for the same size and thickness, acrylic mirrors are easy transformed.
By cutting, drilling, curving, bending, etc. with conventional equipment such as saws, routers or laser cutting machines it is possible to obtain the most different shapes and sizes. With the product, users can reach the most complex and accurate design.
The transformation of mirrored acrylic sheets is easy and has low cost, resistance and lightness are important advantages that makes the acrylic mirrors be versatile and able to fulfil many design forms that cannot be executed with a common glass mirror.

Acrílico Granito e Marmorizado

Granite and Marble Acrylic Sheets

Bérkel developed its own DESIGN LINE and technology for the production of these sheets by the Casting process. They reproduce with perfection different standards and colors of marbles and granites, allowing easy shaping and finishing of the material, by cutting, thermo-forming and transforming. Beyond this fact, the advantage of being a light material and its excellent impact resistance makes it a good choice, when compared to natural stones.
The product is widely used in innovative design and exclusive projects, for kitchen, bathroom, counters, furniture, architecture, decoration and nautical industry, adding to the ambient refinement of quality and beauty that can hardly be matched by the most beautiful stones, produced by nature.
In this line, we can see unequalled effects with or without shine, with or without added crystal layers. The DESIGN LINE sheets made with pure acrylic, imparts to the sheets its outstanding characteristics of weather resistance and easy resisting gluing, has on its shine the highest beauty with which an acrylic sheet can be produced.
Its technical characteristics are equal to the ones of the casting acrylic sheets as they are 100% made with acrylic.