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Welcome to the Bérkel

Having pioneered in the production of acrylic sheets in Brazil, Bérkel since 1972 have been providing excellence, fulfilling the necessities of the market with quality products and services. Inserted in a globalized world, Bérkel keeps constant partnership with the most recognized international companies, making available to the Brazilian market always the best products, as Acrylic, Compact and Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets, among others.
Bérkel is proud of being a traditional but actualized company, having sales representatives all over Brazil, by fulfilling the needs of each customer in a close and personalized way, as to comply with the requests of every client. We are always in the search of innovative options, to fulfil the market requirements, giving it always our best.
Ground with almost 10,000 m² , allowing ample stock for immediate delivery and strategically located to facilitate deliveries or withdrawals of materials.

Our Products


By using 100% virgin raw materials, and protecting the product against UV (ultra violet) via addition of UV stabilizers to it, Bérkel Acrylic Sheets can prove the long duration of its product. Accelerated aging tests, assure its characteristics of not losing light transmittance and not getting a yellow fade, for up to 10 years, even when exposed to the external weather.
After thorough inspection by the quality control, Bérkel Acrylic Sheets get a protective polyethylene layer, in order to avoid damage to the surface that can happen during transportation and handling. Bérkel produces sheets in a great diversity of sizes, colours and thicknesses, and are appropriate to external using design as well as internal, where quality, resistance and durability may be required.


Bérkel developed its own DESIGN LINE and technology for the production of these sheets by the Casting process. They reproduce with perfection different standards and colors of marbles and granites, allowing easy shaping and finishing of the material, by cutting, thermo-forming and transforming. Beyond this fact, the advantage of being a light material and its excellent impact resistance makes it a good choice, when compared to natural stones.


Bérkel imports and distributes to the whole Brazil solid sheets of Polycarbonate. The most modern processes of extruding flat and solid sheets produces the PC solid sheets using, as raw material, Polycarbonate 100% virgin extrusion grade resins. A co-extruded upper layer protects the material against the harmful effects of Ultra-violet (UV-A and UV-B) rays, on both sides of the sheets. This means greater durability, preventing the yellowing and loss of light transmittance, as well as preserving mechanical properties.
We also distributed the sheets of cellular polycarbonate. The sheets contains hollow space between two solid surfaces, offering excellent thermal insulation between one ambient and the other. The design of the Hollow Polycarbonate sheets allow its installation in severe situation, such as high dimension covertures, ads stadiums and gymnasiums and many others like ceiling, dividing walls, etc. The Hollow Polycarbonate sheets have protection against UV rays coming from solar radiation being able to withstand temperatures between – 40oC and 120oC.

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