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Polycarbonate Sheets

Compact Polycarbonate

Bérkel imports and distributes to the whole Brazil solid sheets of Polycarbonate. The most modern processes of extruding flat and solid sheets produces the PC solid sheets using, as raw material, Polycarbonate 100% virgin extrusion grade resins.
A co-extruded upper layer protects the material against the harmful effects of Ultra-violet (UV-A and UV-B) rays, on both sides of the sheets. This means greater durability, preventing the yellowing and loss of light transmittance, as well as preserving mechanical properties.
Solid PC is highly transparent, maximizing light transmission whenever necessary. It can also, through the different colors we offer, be used to adjust direct sun incidence. Its massive and compact structure allows acoustic benefits bigger than other plastics. The material has high performance on fire situations, as it is self-extinguishing, what prevents its propagation.
Basic Characteristics – Polycarbonate Solid Sheets have excellent optical properties, being highly transparent and with high surface glow. They are easily transformed by the regular processing methods and present high performance in low temperatures, as well as in high ones, having a application temperature range from -40oC up to 135 oC. Other important characteristic are its mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

Polycarbonate sheets are nearly impossible to break on its normal application. Beyond those, we should emphasize some more properties:

  • Easily moldable by using vacuum – it is necessary to pre-dry the sheets.
  • Easy to cut and install, can be bent without heating.
  • Easy to recycle.
  • Hot air jet can remove small scratches.


  • Coverture and side closure of buildings.
  • Awning and domes
  • Sheds
  • Footbridges
  • Visual communication (internal and external)
  • Lightning
  • Dividing walls and acoustic protection.
  • Doors and windows elements.
  • Protective finishing for posters, vending machines, cold storage equipment as commercial freezers and refrigerators)
  • Machine protection and IPE (individual protective equipment)
  • Motorcycle helmets visor.

Hollow Polycarbonate

The sheets contains hollow space between two solid surfaces, offering excellent thermal insulation between one ambient and the other. The design of the Hollow Polycarbonate sheets allow its installation in severe situation, such as high dimension covertures, ads stadiums and gymnasiums and many others like ceiling, dividing walls, etc. The Hollow Polycarbonate sheets have protection against UV rays coming from solar radiation being able to withstand temperatures between – 40oC and 120oC.
It is impact resistant and can adjust the ambient luminosity, in accordance to its thickness and color. The material is easy to transform, and it is possible to bend the sheet at a curving ray of 175 times its thickness. As concerning to safety, the material is self-extinguishing, thus avoiding flame propagation.